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Who Are We!

I am a 30 year veteran of Network Marketing. I have been online since 2001 and have been full time online since 2003.

I have been training and helping 100’s of people achieve their dreams over the years, but most of all, I enjoy the time freedom it gives them.

We provide people with options in their lives to Live Life On THEIR TERMS!

What is 90 Day Plan 2 Freedom?

90 Day Plan 2 Freedom is a resource site for the average online marketer that is just trying to get somewhere and make money online.

We know how difficult it is to get traffic, prospect and just plain connect with people online today. You will find that 90 Day Plan 2 Freedom will be a helpful resource for you.

Although much of our site is about IBK – Internet Business Kits, most of our resourcesibklogo1 can be used to promote other programs if that is what you are looking for. IBK offers marketing tools such as lead generation software for posting in Social Media.

Social Media is where 90% of prospects for your business can be found within groups and communities. This is where we teach you to focus your business on. Internet Business Kits has made it it’s mission to create as much wealth as possible for the average marketer and we stand behind that mission 100%.

So, if you want to take advantage of all our powerful resources in our private members area, then you can JOIN US HERE

Until then, enjoy 90 Day Plan 2 freedom and we wish you all the success in your online business ventures.

Never Give Up!

Carl Haavaldsen
Lifestyle Coach and Mentor
Skype: rmcglobal
Facebook: http://facebook.com/uwanted2know



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