How to provide liquidity in BTC to Uswap

How to provide liquidity in BTC to Uswap and add liquidity of BTC to a TRON Service such as USWAP DEX and participate in DEFI projects this is possible without exchanging your BTC to other tokens on the TRON network. A wrapped version of BTC has been deployed to the TRON network which allows you to convert your BTC in a 1/1 ratio to a wrapped BTC on the TRON network. This way you don’t need to sell your bitcoin, you just put their value to use while still holding them

Poloniex exchange supports this swap, from BTC to wrapped BTC and is the easiest way in you want to use BTC that you already hold. You can at any time convert the trc20 BTC back to the original BTC on poloniex as well.…/360056746233-Introducing….To swap you BTC to participate in TRON DeFi set up and account on and deposit BTC of your choice, swap it to the wrapped version and withdraw to your tron wallet. From there to and provide liquidity in BTC / UME to stake UME with a 6000% APY at the current time

If you don’t have BTC but want to buy, go to and swap the tokens you want to BTC (as this is already the wrapped tron version) and bring it back to Uswap to add as liquidity together with UME 

If you don’t have UME you can buy this onĀ Let’s utilize that BTC and earn some profits in UME

UME currently trading at $96

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