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The FB Secret Strategy – Powerful Software To Market Your Business!

What is The FB Secret Strategy?

I want to share with you, a very powerful suite of software that my team and I are using to promote pretty much anything online today. It could be an affiliate program, an affiliate product such as Clickbank, ClickSure, Amazon etc.


The biggest challenge I have had, is traffic. I sucked at getting traffic. Well this software, FBG Assistant in particular, has enabled me to get highly niche targeted traffic that will actually look at my offers and contact me on how to get them.

Over the last 25 days, I have made over $1000 and it’s getting more frequent all the time. I am now mentoring and teaching others to make $100 commissions regularly, like Tripti Toni and Damien Davis.

Here is proof that I have made money in just the last two weeks even when I had to take time off for my sister’s funeral


I’m going to give you to links to look at. If you’re serious, then you’ll look at them.

Bold statement? Yes it is! I don’t screw around with people’s lives, I help improve them!

So, here is the first link: http://www.carlhaavaldsen.com – this will give you an overall picture of the company, it’s mission and the product.

Here is our team site that I have put together to share many additional powerful software products you’ll also get for FREE if you decide to join us.

>>> http://www.workwithcarlh.com <<<

The BMID Software is a One Time Cost Of $120 and you’ll make $100 commissions for every sale.

Oh and BTW, we have all the ad copy already made for you, so it’s just CUT & PASTE.

When you have looked at both sites, contact me and let’s talk!

Carl Haavaldsen

Skype: rmcglobal – ADD ME

Facebook: http://facebook.com/uwanted2know – ADD ME



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