Eclipcity Term Glossary

Clarification of Key Words for specific use in Eclipcity Projects & Services

Wallet – an account where crypto currency can be deposited, held, & withdrawn
Crypto Exchange Bank – one where fiat currency can be exchanged for crypto
Crypto Wallet – one where only exchanges amongst crypto currencies take place
Klever Wallet – one that holds Tron (TRX) & syncs with Tron Chain Contracts
Klever Wallet Account – specific to each Tron Chain Contract (or Cyber Chain)
Tron Link Extension – added to the Chrome browser, it mirrors your mobile Wallet
Withdrawal– movement of Tron from the Contract earnings to the Klever Wallet Account
Cashing out – implies converting Tron to another Crypto Currency or Fiat money
Contract – an agreement with specific terms between two parties
Smart Contract – a unique type of Contract that resides on the Blockchain and which executes specific commands until completion – you cannot add funds to a Contract
Tron Chain Contract – a Smart Contract that accepts Tron (TRX), pays out 1% Daily until 310% is paid back to the depositor. Other commands allow this outcome to be reached faster based on Referrals
Tron Chain Main – This is your first Contract paid by your original deposit from the first Wallet Account
Renewal Contract – on completion at 310% payout, it is essential to renew the original Contract with an amount of Tron that is equal to, or greater than, the original deposit. This triggers a new 10% Direct Referral payout
Self-Referral Contract – Using your Main Contract Invitation Link to create additional Contracts in Tron Chain – starting with Tron Chain 1
Refer to the Official Guide PDF on your Tron Chain Contract site for details on Bonuses!!