Unit #1: Mobile & Desktop Wallet Setup

Preparation for life in the ‘Cryptosphere’ – WALLETS & FUNDING

** Crypto Glossary of basic terms used in Tron Chain
Mobile device – smart phone or tablet (does not include a laptop computer)
1. Download the Klever Wallet App on your mobile device –
After registering, use your own affiliate link when referring others
2. Wallet Download guidehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaQhh0Cvai4
Once you have your Wallet Accounts created & named on your mobile phone or tablet, you can get the Chrome Extension to mirror everything on your desktop… if you choose. New Smart Contracts for each Account can now be set up and managed on the Tron Link desktop which you may find easier, including screen sharing when help is needed. Use the same Account names in the same order when setting up Tron Link.
See http://www.90dayplan2freedom.com/team-training/tron-chain-mobile-setup/tron-chain-tronlink-setup/
3. Buying TRON (TRX) – You will need to use a service like http://coinbase.com

Send Bitcoin (BTC) from your Exchange Account to your Klever Wallet*
Swap your Bitcoin (BTC) for Tron (TRX) inside your Klever Wallet

If you are starting with a major currency like Dollars (or Euros, Pounds, etc.)…
1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for your Dollars
2. Deposit Dollars in a Crypto Currency bank such as these Bank Exchanges:
(We recommend these but do not offer support for them – go to site support)

Canada – NDAX https://one.ndax.io/bfP51d – Interac is best once Verified
North Americahttps://gemini.com/share/j9ew9ec7 – choice of ways to fund
International – ToshiMart – https://toshigateway.net/r/N1QxRkFsYWh3
Europe & USAhttps://wirexapp.com/global – credit/debit, e-transfers

** See Crypto Glossary PDF **