Klever Wallet Setup

Create with an Affiliate Link

You will create a secret 6 digit PIN
And you will be given 12 Seed Words – write on paper, in order, and keep safe!
Go to Portfolio page – click ‘+’ sign at top right
Select ‘Create Account’ then choose Tron (TRX) from list of cryptos
Name new Account – start with a letter
Click ‘Send’ or return key, then ‘Create
Enter your Wallet 6-digit PIN to confirm

To migrate to the Tron Link Desktop mirror of Wallet

Select circle with three horizontal lines – bottom right for Settings
Choose ‘Backup wallet’ then enter 6-digit PIN
Click ‘Ok, I Got It
After that you can choose ‘Private Key’ and Copy to clipboard
Send it to your desktop via Email
On the desktop, general account page, choose ‘Restore
Name the account exactly the same as Klever wallet account
Paste in Private Key from email
Click ‘Create Account