Unit #2: Purchasing a Tron Chain Contract

Tron Chain Contract Purchase

Desktop Option
Once you have your Wallet Accounts created & named on your mobile phone or tablet, you can get the Chrome Extension to mirror everything on your desktop, if you choose. New Smart Contracts for each Account can now be set up and managed on the Tron Link desktop which you might find easier, including screen sharing when help is needed. Use the same Account names in the same order when setting up Tron Link.
1. Select the Main Account – it will connect with Tron Chain automatically
2. Open browser & paste into address bar your Referrer’s Invitation Link
https://trxchain.io/#ref=TUbJ………………….WyBc (looks like this)
… then Refresh the page !! …to set the Contract Referral Link as intended
3. Purchase your first Smart Contract in Tron Chain
(see video) – start at minute 25:49 to 35:30 for a walk through demo
You will receive 1% Daily for 310 days – withdraw earnings anytime
You will receive 310% in a shorter time by any referrals – 10X Strategy