How To Setup InfoBoosts

Getting Started

The first thing you do is click the green “Add InfoBoost” button to start adding you Custom Boost. This is the most important boost you will make. The Custom Boost is your blueprint of what your body actually wants.

Then select the Custom Tab

Then click On Demand

Then click the blue Spark Scan InfoBoost button.

Here you will then need to do 2 things, a Voice Recognition pattern and a Kinetic Touch pattern

You will need to talk about yourself or why you are using Limbic Arc. For example, “I want to get rid of my chronic pain” or I want to sleep better” but you will need to talk until all the bars fill with green, then it will say processing.

Once that is done and there was no noise in the back ground (if there was noise, re-record it), you can continue to the Kinetic touch pattern and touch the diagram 5 times on your device

Next you will go to the Boost Ingredients & Duration Setup. Here is where you will setup the length of your custom and the ingredients that your body’s blueprint created. Type in a description which could be the date etc. It’s for your own use. Then select the amount of days you want to run the Boost for, 10-14 days is recommended.

Then click the ALL tab to see what ingredients your body selected and see if they relate to how you are feeling and things going on with your body. By clicking on the name of the ingredient, it will give you a description of what each ingredient is and what it is believed to help with.

One you are done looking at the ingredients, make sure you take notes on what the ingredients focus on as that will help you with selecting additional boosts. Then click activate and you will see your custom boost with a blue rim around it. This boost must stay on for the entire time that you set for the duration. You have 2 additional slots for other boosts that you will use the GREEN Button instead of the Blue Button

Next you will go and setup your App Settings to enable the Notifications. You can disable the rating system if you want, that is up to you. It will request that you rate each boost as you close them. Next you need to activate notifications

Next, select your time zone and then set up the times. It is recommended that you select all times from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM as it is a conscious to subconscious notification system but its your choice, at least one is required.

Then lastly, select how you want to be notified and your DONE!