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iPRO Network

What is iPRO Network?

iPRO Network is an eCommerce/eCurrency economic platform.

iPRO Network provides training on how to manage eBay, Amazon and Shopify Stores, build their own stores with our iBuyRite store platform and also has its own Mall for purchasing products using Procurrency (PROC).We are changing the way people will shop online and you can be a big part of this!

We are evolutionizing the ecommerce industry and have attracted the best in ecommerce such as original “Shark” Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and creator of “As Seen On TV”. We have also attracted Lowell Rempel with over 8 figures in product sales with multiple products and who has created our training product line.

Then we have Robert McNulty who sold Shopping.com for over $200 Million and has created the iBuyRite eCommerce Stores platform that is now being embedded into iProNetwork.

We are also creating the next USABLE ecurrency, Procurrency (PROC)!

Our platform will be the first to have Procurrency used in a tradable manner for both buying and selling goods that accept Procurrency for payment.

Bitcoin today is the only cryptocurrency that is 100% tradable!

If you missed the Bitcoin train, now is the time to get on the iPRO Network train!

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