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Procurrency is on the rise!

What is iProNetwork and what is Procurrency?

Procurrency is on the rise due to a few factors:

  1. New Product launch by iProNetwork called eTrader. A auto trading software that trades cryptocurrencies simultaneously on multiple platforms
  2. The current mass purchasing of Procurrency as the eTrader software requires $2500 USD and $2500 in Procurrency in order to purchase it, creating usability as well as supply and demand!

iProNetwork is building a complete economy is being built around it. 2 days ago it was 2 cents a coin, today it’s almost 11 cents and rising. You can purchase Procurrency on exchanges like Cryptopia, c-cex, yobit and others…
OR you can get on board what I feel will be the game changer of 2018, iProNetwork and receive FREE Procurrency when you purchase any one of our eCommerce or Trading Training packages.
It’s a great deal considering IPRONetwork does not sell cryptocurrency, we just give the coins for FREE to you. The primary purpose of Procurrency is for purchasing goods and services on the IPN Mall and other platforms. OR you can simply hold on to it or cash them out if you wish. It’s yours to do with as you wish.

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