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Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Advertise Your Business

Here are some marketing tools to help you promote your Primary Business.

1. Herculist – submit solo ads for FREE every 5 days to over 59,100 Opportunity Seekers or pay and submit every 24 hrs

Leads, Leads, Leads!

2. ViralURL – Submit solo ads to very responsive opportunity seekers. this is a paid service, so the members do not receive as many offers as free ones would making them much more responsive.

3.  Group Mail – This is a email mailer that you can use for free to send 100 emails at a time using your ISP (make sure you send no more than 200 a day or your ISP may block your email) or you can buy the mailer and send bulk mails using their servers. Check site for pricing.

[VIDEO] How to Use Group Mail




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