How To Use The Friends And Family Option!

To use the Friends and Family option is really simple, just click on My Account and Select Subscription “Friends & Family Plan”

Next, click on Manage Friends & Family Plan

You will then have 5 Invites you can use to invite family, friends or even use it for trials that people can test out the product. Each Invite is $10 per month Prorated, meaning you only pay for the time between your renewal date. Everything will renew on your monthly renewal date of your primary account,

When you click on the Invite button, you account will be charged the moment you send the invite. All you need is their First and Last Name along with an good email account

The prospect with then receive an email like the following

One they open the email, they will have a unique link to them (This cannot be shared with anyone else).

All they have to do is click the link and follow instructions. No credit card information will be ask of them as you are paying for it.