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Bitcoin ATM's

A Bitcoin ATM allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins for cash.

Bitcoin ATM’s can be more expensive than online transactions as the infrastructure cost is higher – i.e. building an actual ATM and the steps that are actually needed to transfer the money and Bitcoins.

The first step is to scan your identification which the ATM then validates.

Then the user feeds in some cash and generates a QR code from her wallet – a QR code being a large square of black and white pixels. Then the user sends the Bitcoins to the presented address.

Some ATM’s generate a paper wallet – or offline wallet – essentially a bearer instrument of the Bitcoins.

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LibertyX (USA Only)
  2. Find a location near you on their mobile app/website.
  3. Login to / create your LibertyX account and tell them where to send the Bitcoin.
  4. Follow the store specific instructions to complete the payment.
  5. Receive Bitcoin instantly as soon as payment is completed!


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Canadian Bitcoins (Canada Only)

How it works, Click Here

Bylls (Canada Only)

How it works, Click Here

Coinbase (International)

How it works, Click Here (USA Only)

How it works, Click Here (Europe-Scandinavia Only)

How it works, Click Here (International)

How it works, Click Here


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