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What Is Cloud Token? How Does Cloud Token Work?

  Step #1: Download the Cloud Token Wallet

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  Step #2: Fund Your Account With BTC/Eth/Lte


IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a WhatsApp account as you will be assigned your own personal support person with NvestBank!

You will also need Google Authenticator App


The Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin - Works in any Country - Purchase using a Credit Card without KYC. Transaction Fees as low as 1%. Super Simple!

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How to register for Brokerage (video) 


Step #3: Fund Your Jarvis AI Project

How to set up the Cloud Token Wallet and activate
The Jarvis AI Project (Android) Using Google Authenticator


Find Out More About Cloud Token! 

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Who Is Behind Cloud Token?

The Companies Behind Cloud Token Project?

The Technology Behind Cloud Token Project

The Technology behind Cloud Token - Part I

The Technology behind Cloud Token - Part II


More About Cloud Token

Video 1
How The Cloud Token Jarvis AI Arbitrage Works

Video 2
Watch this for info about the Cloud Token Credit Card

Video 3
Cloud Token Credit Card Withdrawing From ATM

Video 4
Ronald Aai, CloudToken technology explaination of Decentralized & Centralized Wallets




I began this journey on June 8th with $1500.00 investment! I had my monies sitting in my savings acct and we all know how much that makes us, lol.....I think mine 2 cents a month. 

So after speaking with Carl several times, which he was AWESOME, never minded that I was probably asking the questions several times. I'm not the best with computers and he never gave up on me. 

I have started talking with people, in fact Carl is going to explain some things to this person for me and I feel sure she will join our group. At the end of the month will be helping my oldest grandson get started!! 

I am excited to finally have my monies working for me. I too love the transparency of the company. ~ Gerri Harring

Started about 45 days ago with a $550 dollar investment!! Things are going great and starting to get more people asking questions.

I really appreciate how upfront and transparent everything with Cloud Token has been through every step!!! 

Also great to see a company with a long term vision, who openly share this plan and execute milestones. Canít wait to see where we all are a year from now!! ~ Nicholas Bacan

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