How Does Fund My Cause Work?

Let's Get You Registered!

Funding Others Causes Opens The Door To
Receiving Donations To Your Own Personal Cause!

Welcome to the FMC Team Build!

We want to make things as easy as possible for you financially and to get you off to a fast start, so I want to make sure you are plugged in immediately when you join our team!

Get Plugged Into Our Team

Follow provide the following:

  1. Your Skype ID
  2. Your Facebook ID

This is so you have access to the team 24 hours a day as you'll be plugged into our private Team Skype chat room as well as our closed  Team Facebook room

We do offer some valued incentives as well that you can talk to me about if you are interested

Incentives To Join Our Team

  1. Use Our Reverse Pay It Forward (PIF) Option
  2. Get a FREE Team Co-op Entry (Value $10) 

These Solo Ad Co-ops will create leads and possibly even some sales for you to Jump Start your donations and growth

We also give away PAID Members to help build Power Legs and increase your Donation VOLUME for your CAUSE!

We'll even close your sales with our Weekly Zoom Calls!

What Our Team Provides

We provide everything you need:

  • Live Zoom Team Trainings Mon-Wed-Fri at 2:00pm EST
  • Complete Access To Our Team Resource Site Which Includes Ad Copy, Proven Solo Ads That Convert and MORE...
  • 24 Hour Private Skype Chat Room & Facebook Group so you are never out of the loop.
  • Incentives such as CASH, PAID Traffic Campaigns and MUCH MUCH MORE...

You'll be plugged into our Spotlight Link Assignment System!

You will then be set up to receive donations ranging from .02 BTC ($50 USD) to as much as 1.0 BTC ($2400 USD) from members of our team and even visitors to your Cause page.

Make A Difference In Someone's Life Today!

It's a small entry of .028 Bitcoin (about $65 USD) depending on the price of Bitcoin the day you register which includes Admin Fee and Mining Fee.

See you on the Inside!

To Your Success!

Sherry Starnes
Skype: sherry.p.starnes

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