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I have teamed up with my buddy, Billee Brady, to provide you with the ultimate instant money making experience. Together, Billee and I will be offering you top notch Social Media marketing training that you would pay at least $497 or more for and you get this FREE when you join IBK.

And ultimately you will develop new "Skill Sets" that will allow you to make your OWN Sales Funnels, Drive Traffic and Make $150 INSTANT Payments starting TODAY!


PLEASE NOTE: This is PC based and "DOES NOT" work on MAC Computers unless you have MAC Parallel


When you join Internet Business Kits (IBK), I will put you in my personal Rotation System that will drive traffic to your Affiliate link using my personal high converting traffic resources and YOU KEEP ALL THE MONEY!


You Get Access To The Following:

  • A FULL Training Platform Created For Our Team

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Recommended Resources For Promoting Your Business

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GoDaddy has the BEST Masking online today!

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IBK Testimonials

"I am now a true believer in IBK. After just a couple of weeks using the software to promote, I now have an avalanche of excited people showing interest. They are really recognizing that this is an easy and effective way to reach their target market. 
I'm just following the step by step social marketing training included along with the use of the awesome automated software. 
Plus this weekend I got two sales and instant payments of $150 each! These were direct to my account as I woke up on two consecutive days. What an awesome feeling THAT was! Persistence PAYS!! I am stoked to continue marketing this GREAT product and marketing suite! Join us now and you too will reap the benefits as I have! IBK ROCKS!!" ~
Thomas Marguccio


"When I first became involved with IBK I had mega anti-virus issues preventing me from using the program. Thankfully Carl had a ton of patience to support me through. Once working I had my first sale, in a few days which was a wonderful feeling. The second sale recouping my purchase was motivating. 
Now I actually cannot find a word to express how I feel awesome, profitable, legit, addictive, exciting and eternal gratitude that I persevered. I love the peace of mind knowing that I am enabled to spend quality time with family and earn while I play is so worth it. A perfect business for a busy person." ~
Ann Dunnett


Hello Carl, 

I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I are pre-learning about marketing IBK by following your You tube video instructions.

As a retired teacher myself, I know a great teacher when I see one. The most important gift that you can give to people is Knowledge; but more important is the precept that the teacher, must be willing to impart his knowledge to others, in a non selfish and worldly way. You sir, qualify, as one of the greatest teachers about business concepts that I have encountered in my life. That is a valuable testimonial, coming from another teacher, who is like minded to you.

Zenaida and I can't wait to come aboard with you near the end of this month. You have two new and enthusiastic, and eager students awaiting.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Patrick and Zenaida Ireland


PLUS...Get My "90 Day Action Plan" Coaching and Training as an added BONUS!


To Your Success!

Carl Haavaldsen
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