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How To Share The Friends and Family Accounts As A Trial!

There are a few ways to share this using:

Your Timeline
Private Messaging
Using Your Timeline – All it takes is a few simple teaser posts. People don’t like to be pressured, so offering a trail with No Cost or Obligation will attract them to take a look.
Use simple posts
Do Facebook Lives
Do a Watch Party using our Zoom replays of testimonials

Responding To Your Facebook/LinkedIn Friend Requests

Hi and thanks for requesting to be friends! I’m Living the Crypto Lifestyle On My Terms, I hope you are living life on your terms as well!

Post To Your Facebook/LinkedIn Timeline

Have you heard of Ether Chain or Tron Chain yet? They are new Smart Contracts that pay 1% daily without any referring necessary. Interested? Contact me now!

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Tired of being a victim of collateral financial damage? Then let’s change that today. Start making 1% daily without having to share anything with friends and family!

Private Message your Friends and Followers on Facebook/LinkedIn

Example 1.
Hi , I’m just checking in to see if you would be interested in making 1% daily do absolutely nothing. yeah it sounds unrealistic but it’s true, I’m doing it daily! Let me know if you want info!
Example 2.
Hi , I hope all is well with you and the family. A whole new world has opened up for me in the Crypto space these last 2 months. Would you be open to taking a look?

Responding to replies

Great, Email Sent! Please make sure you check your junk mail or spam. If you used Gmail and it doesn’t show in your primary folder, check the promotions folder!

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