How to Create & Fund new Contracts in Tron Chain

  1. First, send the desired amount of Tron-TRX from existing Wallet Accounts to the new Account number that you have already created in advance
  2. Open your ‘Tron Chain Main’ account and scroll down to Organiza8on & copy the Invitation Link to your clipboard
  3. Then, in the Wallet, select your new Account that is funded with 20 extra Tron
  4. Then open up a new browser page and paste this referral link into the address bar
  5. Refresh the page to set this intended link
  6. In the main panel you will find boxes to choose your desired Contract amount – then click the Red JOIN button – (use Reset to start again if you make an error)
  7. A white notice will appear above for you to confirm that this is the correct referral link.
    Compare it with the address bar – if correct, click JOIN again – if not Edit to correct
  8. Another panel will appear to the left – ‘Accept’ means you agree to pay for the Contract from the funded Account that is connected to this page automatically
  9. Scroll down the page to ‘Personal Statistic’ to view the countdown clock, the deposit amount
    below and the 310% total above. ‘Daily Income 1%’ will appear in 24 hours
  10. When you open your new wallet Account, you will see that amount deducted leaving a small
  11. If you then open the Main Account – you’ll notice that the 10% ‘Direct Referral Income’ has now been posted to the referring Account