The highly anticipated MARS MALL is finally here! 🔥

MARS MALL is the world’s leading E-commerce platform that supports cryptocurrencies and fiat payment options.

Our platform is built with the goal of bringing convenience, smooth user interface while also bring more value to our user with the wide variety of stores available.

With more than two thousand items and world-wide shipping, there’s bound to be a little something for everyone.

And the best thing is, HyperFund members can even use their Certified account balance to purchase things within Mars Mall!

-All HyperFund members can request for a maximum of 5,000 HU in Certified account balance to be converted into Mars Tokens.

  • To do so, please fill in all relevant info into the Google Form (link at the bottom) from 0000 9/4/2021 to 2359 16/4/2021 (a 7-days period)
  • For users with multiple HyperFund account, please fill in ONE (1) single Google Form submission, but include all HyperFund usernames inside.
  • Duplicate submissions will render your eligibility null and void

Things have been good, but it gets even better now.


Google Form link:
Mars Mall link:

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