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Find Out About Our Bitcoin Stars Team Project!

CoopBusiness Overview Video
(30 Minute Presentation)

Coop28 Registration and Token Purchase

Get Registered TODAY with the person who shared this information with you!

Step 1: Contact Your Sponsor for registration link

How To Register and Pay For Your 3 - $28 Tokens

How to Register: Click "Join Us"

Fill out the Form

Then check the boxes to complete registration

You will then be logged into your back office so you can proceed to fund your account. 

First you will need to disable your auto renewal so that you can purchase your 3 - $28 tokens as seen below

Then proceed to select Coop28 Dashboard as seen below, then Wallet to add funds.

Everyone purchases 3 -$28 Tokens to Pay It Forward, this covers your monthly $28 renewal cost. However, the person who invited you may have already given out his/her 3 tokens which means you'll have to either purchase your own $28 token or you may be placed and paid for by a member in your sponsors down-line that has a spare token to fill one of their 3 spots.

To purchase your 3 $28 tokens, you will have to add funds to your wallet. To do this, click on Add Funds, type $100 and submit

This will bring you to the funding options

For Credit/Debit Card  and GooglePay/ApplyPay options, they using Banxa, Moonpay or Metamask

For Crypto they have the following options:

Coop28 uses Ethereum or USDT_ERC20 with low fees of $7, however, you can use Bitcoin or USDT_TRC20 but the fees are $14. Fees are higher for Bitcoin and USDT_TRC20 as they have to convert them to Ethereum based coins.

Once your wallet is funded, then you need to purchase your 3 - $28 Tokens or 4 - $28 Tokens if you can't find anyone to Pay It Forward (not likely but possible)

Make sure the Orange button says "Coop28 Dashboard" and then select CoopWallet to complete the purchase of your tokens

To Pay It Forward, you'll first need to set up your 2FA (Google Authenticator, Authy)! Under Coop Profile - Settings. This is required for you to either move money member to member or withdraw.

Go to Google Playstore and download the Google Authenticator.

When setting your 2FA Authenticator, it will give you 2 options:
Option #1: Scan QR Code (Take Snapshot or Print It)
Option #2: Manually type in code
NOTE: To make sure you never have any issues with 2FA such as deleting it by accident or losing your phone, select Option #2 and write down the manual code for future use if something happens. Then proceed to Option #1 and Scan the QR Code.

You will need this to deposit, withdraw and transfer money

Once you have downloaded the Google Authenticator, click Enter Code to activate it in your back office

You can now pay the invoice for your tokens from your balance using Coop Wallet

You can click on My Tokens and see your tokens. Now you are ready to Pay It Forward and accelerate your earnings.

Once you have purchased your tokens Go back to your profile and enable the auto renewal

Now you are ready to Pay It Forward for 3 people! Make sure you select them wisely and that they will commit to Pay It Forward for 3 people as well.

You can give a link 2 ways:

You can copy and send your link

Or put in your referrals info and send them an email with it

Alternate Wallet is EXODUS, Get Your Wallet HERE

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