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Metamask Setup Instructions for 
LottoDay Ticket Purchases

STEP 1: How to fund your Metamask Wallet:

You have options: 

1. You can use your affiliate commissions from Mavie and send over to Metamask provided you added your Metamask Wallet to your withdraw wallets under Settings in your Mavie Back office. 

2. You can use an alternative wallet like Exodus to send BNB (recommended) as you will need BNB for fees. You will then need to swap some of your BNB to USDT_BEP20 leaving some BNB (About $5-$10 worth for fees). 

 3. (Recommended) You can purchase BNB on Metamask and swap to USDT. You need to leave a little BNB for fees

How to Purchase BNB on Metamask

Now you are ready to purchase tickets in Lottoday!

STEP 2: Get an Affiliate Link

Reach out to your Sponsor if possible first, if they are not participating in Lottoday Ticket purchases, just go to and connect your Metamask Wallet!

STEP 3: Purchasing your Tickets

Before purchasing tickets on Lottoday, make sure you're on the Binance Smart Chain Network! 

Follow these steps:

1. Ensure you're on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

2. Connect your wallet (MetaMask recommended)

Click "Connect Wallet"

Select Metamask

You will now see your wallet is connected

3. Pick your lucky numbers and grab a ticket

Press "Play Now" to start buying your tickets

Select "Buy Ticket"

 Now you can either select "Random" to have Lottoday create your ticket

Or you can Select Manual and pick your own 6 numbers to create your ticket, then click Add Ticket

Now you have a choice to add more tickets by click +Random or +Manual, then click the "Buy Now" button

Click Next to start the payment process

You will need to approve the transaction

Confirm the payment

Now your ticket(s) have now been purchased

4. Await the draw results and winners announcement


$1 MILLION USDT guaranteed jackpot start at 2:00PM EST to 2:00PM EST Daily!

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